Welcome to Moorestock Outfitters


  Where we are lucky enough to operate is the postcard worthy Sunshine Coast, located on the lower coastline of beautiful British Columbia. In the Summer time, it has become something of a vacation destination for outdoor enthusiasts and people just looking to get off the beaten path (but not too much!). We take great pride in supporting our community through various donations and sponsorship's, and by having been a part of the now renowned local shopping experience from the beginning (you may remember us by our former name, Lucys Clothing and Shoes). Which in turn, is the exact reason why we started this site. To take the love the locals and visitors alike have for this shop, and bring it closer to you.


 The models, photographers and staff who have all contributed to the site are talented friends and family, who all have a connection to the store in one-way or another. Could’ve been that their families shopped here for back to school when they were a kid, or perhaps they’re related in one way or another, or maybe they just embody the spirit of someone we are excited to have representing the store. Either way, they are all amazing real people and we are so lucky to have them be a part of this journey with us.

  All of the products sold on the site have been curated and tested by our selves. This means our jackets have been worn in our West Coast rainstorms, our boots have waded through our creeks and ocean and our jeans have stood by us during the week and waited patiently to take them out on the weekend.
  We love where we are and what we do and our website is an extension of that. So please, shop it like the locals would and take your sweet time. Enjoy! :)
- The Moorestock Team